Preventing pest infestation can now reduce your energy bills!

T•A•P is a revolutionary green insulation for new and existing homes & buildings made from recycled paper that incorporates a borate-based pest control into the product. Not only does T•A•P outperform traditional insulation in nearly every category, it also controls pests such as ants, termites, and cockroaches at the same time!

T•A•P is the result of the combination of a pesticide
with the best insulation for a patented product that:

  • Is Environmentally Friendly
  • Delivers Fire Resistance
  • Is Permanent
  • Provides a Perfect Fit
  • Controls Pests
  • Saves Energy & Money
  • Absorbs Sound
  • Contains All-Natural Ingredients

T•A•P Kills Bugs

Annoying pests can breed and form colonies behind walls, coming
out at night, seeking food and water. More than just annoying, they
can damage a house severely, often causing costly removal of
walls to get to the nest. With T•A•P in your walls, you are protected
from this invasion. Insects cannot build up a tolerance to T•A•P, as
they can with organic biological treatments, and you never need to
re-treat the insulation. T•A•P controls ants, cockroaches, silverfish,
termites, and other pests listed on the EPA label.

Save Money and Decrease Energy Bills

T•A•P keeps homeowners cool in the summer and warm in
the winter. Comfort + Conservation = Suitable Sustainability!

The Quiet Life

T•A•P reduces annoying noise and helps create
a peaceful haven of quality and solitude. Quiet walls help
make a house relaxing and serene.

EPA-Registered Pesticide Containing Boric Acid

Boric Acid, one of the active ingredients in T•A•P,
is found in common household products such as saline
eyewash solution, detergents, and the food we eat.
Although deadly to many insects, T•A•P is acceptable for
use around pets and people.

T•A•P is Green!

Well, not literally, but T•A•P is permanent, made from
all-natural ingredients and recycled newsprint, thus while
you’re controlling pests and saving energy, you’re conserving
landfill space.

Fire Safety

T•A•P, with its fire-retardant characteristics, limits the spread of fire
with both flame and smolder combustion resistance.

A Perfect Fit

T•A•P forms a perfect fit in your wall when applied, seeking nooks
and crannies, filling the entire stud cavity. Unlike fiberglass, T•A•P
is never cut on the job site, or stuffed into the wall to fit behind pipes
and conduits, reducing the R-Value. With T•A•P you get all the
R-Value you paid for!