Out Of The Ordinary

Pest Control in Marine Environments

Out Of The Ordinary Is Our Specialty

Termites on a wood boat, bees in the state docks, bugs in an aircraft, and even bedbugs. We love to see the strange and the weird. We love to solve problems and make sure that you are satisfied with the job. Go on and try to stump us, our expert technicians love a challenge.

Termites Don’t Get Seasick

From the small boat in the back yard to large boats in the marina, BugMaster has successfully treated numerous watercraft for termites. We have encountered termites on all types of boats, from fiberglass powerboats to classic, wooden Stauder-Builts. One of the most extraordinary jobs began in June of 2009 with a call from gentleman who was completely restoring a 50-foot wooden sailboat equipped with a fiberglass hull. He had pulled the ceiling liner and all removable panels and discovered that his boat was completely infested with termites. He called us for a solution and we immediately performed a thorough inspection and found that it had Formosan termites running from the bow to the stern. We treated the boat with Termidor liquid, Termidor foam and wood injections. The treatment was a lengthy and formidable task but the results were worth the investment. We returned for our BugMaster 14 day follow-up and found that all of the termites had been eradicated and the mud tubes had dried up. The customer removed all of the effected wood is back to work completing the restoration.

Pest Control in Aircraft Environments

German Cockroach Air

BugMaster received a call from a company in Mobile that operated an airplane outside of the US and it was returning to be refurbished. They were surprised that their airplane was infested with roaches and definitely in need our service. Our technicians met the plane upon arrival and once the aircraft was secured we began our inspection. We discovered that the plane was infested with German cockroaches, a particularly hearty and determined pest. We performed a ULV fog treatment from the cargo area to the cockpit and the second floor areas as well. When the plane was dismantled to be refurbished, we repeated the ULV treatment. The plane is back in service and only passengers and cargo can be found on the manifest.

African Bees Suspected At Port

We received a call concerning the possibility that a hive of Africanized bees had hitched a ride and taken up residence at The State Docks in Mobile. When we arrived at the docks we found the nest on the side of a parked truck. We collected some samples and determined they were not the aggressive Africanized bees. We treated the bees, removed the hive from the vehicle and suggested a thorough wash for the truck. Our port receives cargo from all over the world and we were gratified that we were called to ensure and certify that a new, aggressive species of bees had not been introduced into the area.