Fire Ant Treatment Program

Fire Ant Treatment Program

BugMaster Fire Ant Program

Take The Sting Out Of Your Fire Ant Problem.

Fire Ants are a nuisance and a health threat to South Alabama. They are very aggressive and their bites are painful. Fire Ants create an allergic or shock reaction to sensitive people and animals. Not to mention, their visible ant hills are an eyesore on your front lawn, and their invading presence makes it almost impossible to walk barefoot in your own backyard. Isn’t it time to reclaim what is yours? Take back your backyard with the help of the BugMaster Fire Ant Program.

Our Fire Ant Program will control fire ant mounds in your yard (up to 1/2 acre) with a specialized insecticide providing a single-application to control fire ants for up to a full year by eliminating existing colonies and preventing new infestations.

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BugMaster Fire Ant Program:

  • Kills existing fire ants
  • Kills the queen
  • Prevents new fire ants from invading
  • Eliminates fire ant mounds – even in hard-to-reach places like under sidewalk & driveways

As a bonus, this Fire Ant Program provides limited control of:

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mole crickets

The BugMaster Fire Ant Program is guaranteed for one year and costs $295* annually. Additionally, we will make any necessary follow-up treatments for no additional charge within the service year.

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*Residential only. Up to 1/2 acre maximum area.