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You sweep and dust your home, but for whatever reason pests keep creeping their way back into your life, compelling you to check every corner, bowl and just about anything else that might have invasive critters. You come to the realization that you have a pest problem and you need to do something about it. With so much focus on keeping a clean, pest-free home, we may not realize that some of our pests are traveling from the most ignored part of a home; The garage!

The typical garage has turned into space where we store garbage bins, muddy recreational equipment, and items that we have little room for in our homes. A home garage is meant to be a personal storage facility, but when things get disorganized, it can become a home for pests. These little, creepy, crawly things unfortunately then make their way into our homes. Here are four simple ways to keep pests out of your garage this spring.

Store food Properly
Possibly the most simple and efficient way to eliminate pests in the garage is to make sure your food is stored properly. Keep any and all food that isn’t in a garage fridge or freezer in sealable containers. Storing food properly in the garage also applies to pet food. Pet food should also be kept in sealable containers rather than leaving it in a bag that mice and other rodents can chew through. Make sure that any pet food that may end up somewhere other than the container is promptly cleaned up with any crumbs left behind.

If you already have pests in your garage, you can expect that any accessible items can become a home for eggs, webs or waste. The best way to eliminate these problems is to declutter your garage. Placing what you do plan to keep in sealable, sturdy containers on shelves or racks can also keep pests away.

Fill in any cracks
If a pest or a rodent sneaks into your garage, they will likely find a small space to hide in. Keep lids tight on containers and boxes and keep them packed firmly together without space for an animal. Fill in small cracks in the walls of a garage that can invite pests into your garage to have a pest free garage.

Pest Control
The best way to ensure that pests will not sneak into your garage or home is to hire a professional to eliminate them. When you hire a professional, you save time and are less likely to feel stressed. Professionals are a smart investment because they understand the life cycle of pests and the best methods to eliminate them. If you feel comfortable with your knowledge to be your own pest expert, be sure to wear proper gear and consult with BugMaster if you feel overwhelmed.

When you follow these tips, you can relax knowing that the only residents in your home and garage are the members of your family.

Guest post by Janae Harker, a content creator for Flora-Baba Garage Solutions, a company that specializes in garage storage systems in Daphne. Janae enjoys photography, hiking, and camping.


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