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Eliminating A Formosan Termite Threat From The Backyard

Posted November 16, 2015

Video Transcription by Austin Key ~ BugMaster VP, CPCO

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jecLmXqiTkU&w=560&h=315]

What we are looking at is the flooring to an unused structure in a customer’s backyard. The customer had a crate and as he picked the crate up from the flooring, he broke the termite’s shelter tubes that the termites were crawling in. What you are seeing now is the termites going back and forth along a pheromone trail. Typically, they would be in a shelter tube, but since that tube is no longer there, they are free crawling. Since termites are blind, they follow the scent that each one of the workers and soldiers lie down. That is why they are casting in a line back and forth, going in and out of the galleries in the wood they have eaten and done the damage.

In this specific situation, we did not have access to get underneath the structure. Instead, we used a Borate treatment on the wood surface. Then we completed Sentricon (Termite Baiting and Elimination System) installation around the perimeter of the structure. Thankfully, the structure was far enough away from the home so there was no threat. But because there are colonies in the area, we installed the Sentricon Baiting Stations as a preventative measure to help alleviate some of the pressure that you would have around the structure itself. The end result would be to protect the home a little better.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, the best recommendation would be to call BugMaster or any certified Sentricon specialist. For more details, visit bugmaster.com.

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