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What’s Causing those “Bumps in the Night”?

What’s Causing those “Bumps in the Night”? | BugMaster

With Halloween approaching, it’s a spooky time of year to hear bumps in the night. Ghosts in the attic? Ghouls in the closet? Never fear: there are no monsters under your bed. These eerie noises are probably coming from critters looking for some trick-or-treat action in your house! Check out these common pests that can be heard lurking around your attic or home, especially during the night:

Do you hear scurrying, scratching, and digging noises in your walls and ceilings? If so, you may have a rodent problem. Since rats and mice are nocturnal, you’ll usually hear these noises when it is dark outside. These rodents could be the source of the freaky noises you hear as you’re trying to sleep.

As opposed to small rodents, racoons are much larger. Their telltale noises are louder thumping and walking. Some racoons, especially babies, make a whining chatter. No, your house is not haunted by a vengeful ghost…they are just raccoons!

If you see a dark shadow flying in and out of your attic, don’t think it’s haunted. Most likely, these shadows are bats. Bats do not make many sounds that humans can hear. However, you’ll know you have bats in your attic if you hear flapping noises flying in groups. Pretty creepy, right?

To rid your home of spookiness and help you get a peaceful night’s sleep, our BugMaster team can help you with wildlife exclusion work, removing the critters from your house and preventing them from causing these bumps in the night. Contact us and let BugMaster help you go to sleep without having to check for monsters under the bed!

For more information or questions about our products, visit bugmaster.com or call our Mobile, AL location at 251-666-4402 or our Daphne location at 251-626-6667.

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