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After The Flood: Handling Floating Ant Colonies

Posted October 27, 2015


To see full video: http://wkrg.com/2015/10/26/rising-waters-bring-floating-ants/

by: Austin Key, CPCP, VIP

Reporter Allen Carter at WKRG recently ran a story about the “floating ants” caused by all the flooding in Mobile and Baldwin County. Even though the rains and flooding have stopped, these “survivalists ant colonies” can live like this for days and possibly weeks. Conditions like this can be a potentially dangerous (and painful) medical threat to yourself, emergency workers, and your pets. Here are a few tips and suggestions to handle these castaway biting rafts of ants.

What To Do Immediately
Avoid contact with the ant colony
• If necessary,  only touch the floating ant colony if you are wearing rubber gloves, boots, and cuffed rain gear.
• If you are in a boat or skiff, do not touch ants with the oars.
• Try to sink ant colony with soapy water mixture.

Soapy Water Ant Killer Recipe
1. 2oz. Dove dishwashing liquid
2. Mix with 1 gallon of water
3. Spray over ants
4. Monitor for 10 minutes
5. Repeat if necessary
*this ratio was 80-95% successful in tests using ants in a 5-gallon bucket // (Barr and Drees 1992, http://fireant.tamu.edu)

If you need some immediate help, please call BugMaster (251-666-4402) today and we can come out and help you with your floating ant problem as soon as possible.

To prevent these “Floating Ant Colonies” from happening in the future, take a look at our Annual Fire Ant Elimination Program. Our Fire Ant Program will control fire ant mounds in your yard (up to 1/2 acre) with a specialized insecticide providing a single application to control fire ants for up to a full year by eliminating existing colonies and preventing new infestations.

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