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Why We Think Being Locally Owned is Important

Posted September 22, 2015

Why We Think Being Locally Owned is Important | bugmaster.com

One of our favorite aspects about our company is that we’re locally owned — we pride ourselves on that. And not only are we locally owned, but we’re also locally operated. We don’t recruit people from New York or California. We hire folks from our area — mainly from south Alabama. That, to us, is huge. It means that most all of the dollars from BugMaster are being spent right here in south Alabama. Granted, some of our money goes to our chemical suppliers located in other parts of the country, so a portion of our money does leave the state. But our team members live here. So when they receive their paychecks, they’re spending their money locally. Being a business located in south Alabama really means a lot to us because we see the bulk of our company’s money stay right here in our local economy.

Another advantage of being locally owned is that we know which pests thrive here on the Gulf Coast. We have pests that California or New York or Missouri do not have. In fact, many sections of the country have no idea what a fire ant or a Formosan termite is. But if you live in south Alabama, particularly in Mobile or Baldwin County, you know just how much damage these particular bugs can do in a relatively short period of time. And so does our team because most of them have lived here their entire lives. We know how to eliminate the bugs and rodents that threaten the homes and businesses in our community. Why? Because we’re a part of that community.

We’re proud to serve more than 10,000 local pest control customers. To us, our customers are so much more than just customers — they’re neighbors.

For more information or questions about our services and products, visit bugmaster.com or call our Mobile, AL location at 251-666-4402 or our Daphne location at 251-626-6667.

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