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Control Mosquitos Around Your Yard

Posted July 14, 2015

Control Mosquitos Around Your Yard

Spring and summer are meant to be enjoyed outside with pool parties, BBQs, and family get-togethers. But instead of a party, you may have more of a battle in your backyard thanks to one of this time of year’s most dreaded pests: mosquitos.

Mosquitos aren’t just annoying warm-weather nuisances. They can actually be quite dangerous to your health. These little flies carry serious diseases like Eastern Equine Encephalitis, West Nile, and Chikungunya. All they need to breed are warm weather and plenty of water — two things we have plenty of here in south Alabama. In fact, mosquitos can breed in as little as one inch of standing water, and south Alabama is one of the rainiest areas in the country.

But don’t fret. You can take back your yard by eliminating sources of standing water where mosquitoes can breed. Here are a few common and often overlooked tactics:

Keep Containers Water Free
Water can accumulate in all sorts of forgotten places, including trash cans, boats, wheelbarrows, pet dishes, and the bottom of flower pots. Take the time to empty accumulated water from these sorts of items in your yard and, if possible, turn them over — or bring them inside — when not in use.

Clean the Gutters
Leaves, small branches, and other types of debris frequently clog rain gutters and allow water to accumulate, creating an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Regularly clean out rain gutters and downspouts, especially during warm weather months. In addition, watch out for standing water on flat roofs and remove promptly.

Keep Water Clean
If you have a bird bath or wading pool, change the water at least once a week. The same goes for the pool: be sure to keep pool water clean and chlorinated. If you have an ornamental pool — such as a koi pond — keep it aerated and stocked with mosquito larvae-eating fish, such as goldfish, killifish, and guppies.

Irrigate Your Yard
Lots of rain can lead to water standing for several days in your yard if the lawn isn’t irrigated properly. Irrigate your lawn and gardens carefully so water cannot accumulate and create a spot for mosquitoes to breed.

While these methods aren’t guaranteed to totally eliminate bloodsucking backyard menaces, they are a great way to start controlling mosquito breeding sites. And if you try these techniques but don’t notice a change, give us a call and let a trained BugMaster technician stop by for a free, no obligation consultation. Our “Take Back Your Backyard” Mosquito Treatment is a complete program that can repel mosquitoes for weeks and quickly get you and your family back outside — bug bite free.

For more information or questions about our products, visit bugmaster.com or call our Mobile, AL location at 251-666-4402 or our Daphne location at 251-626-6667.

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