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Don’t Let Pests Ruin Your Meal and Restaurant Reputation


No restaurant wants to be known as “the place where that guy found the fly in his soup.” Even more so, no one wants to be “that guy.” If you’re in the food industry, your main goal is to keep your guests happy and healthy, and maintaining a clean and pest-free facility will definitely contribute to the satisfaction of your customers. Let’s take a look at common restaurant pest problems and how to keep them under control.

Let’s face the facts— restaurants are especially attractive to rodents and bugs for the same reason they are to us: the grub. And because of the fast-pace work environment in a food facility, something like a small critter crawling into the food processor may go unnoticed. Pleasant thought, right?

Also, most of us prefer to ingest things that are not doused in chemicals and pesticides. This is one of the reasons getting rid of pests in food facilities can present a bit of a challenge. If not handled properly, some pest control management can pose a health risk to guests because of the dangerous chemicals that can penetrate the air and come into contact with food preparation spaces. And having insect catchers or traps lying around the building isn’t the most comforting site for your guests to see.

Staff Education: Make sure all of your employees are “in the know” when it comes to the risks of pests. They need to know what pest infestation signs to look for such as eggs, feces, and dirt tracks and also that it is crucial that these sightings are reported.

Sanitation: This is the biggest part. Food residue is to critters as that cake sitting on the kitchen counter is to us— very tempting. Keep everything clean, especially soda dispensers, food prep areas, and floor drains. Limit cardboard boxes— you never know what may be hiding in there. Seal any cracks and put weather stripping and sweeps on the doors. Also, make sure everything is off the ground so that the entire floor can be mopped properly.

Be Proactive: The last thing you want is a shutdown. This will ruin your restaurant’s reputation and will make it harder to stay in business after you reopen. Make sure you are putting pest control on the top of the priority list.

Along with our regular commercial Pest Control services, we also offer drain cleaning to keep your restaurant as sanitary as possible. Our expertly trained technicians will also provide consultations and tips to keep your business critter-free. No job is too big or too small for us.

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