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The 411 On Perimeter Pest Control Treatments

Posted November 25, 2014

Insects and rodents are a huge pain, and that’s why it’s important to stop them dead in their tracks before they enter your home or office. Our Perimeter Treatment (included in our Quarterly Pest Control Program) is the number one solution for accomplishing just that. Keep reading to learn more about this treatment and why it’s significant to start your pest control on the outside of your home, office or building.

What exactly is Perimeter Treatment?

Perimeter treatments refers to the applying of pest control products to the exterior of your home or building, specifically along the base of the foundation and the adjacent area. We start with this because the best way to prevent a pest problem from taking over your structure is to treat the exterior of your structure first so that pests can be stopped before they ever have a chance to get inside your home or office. It’s also easier to stop pests from entering your building than it is to get rid of them after you’ve already developed a pest problem.

How and where is a Perimeter Treatment applied?

When a perimeter treatment is applied to your home or office, our technicians will distribute the product in a band up to six feet wide in the property’s soil, mulch, and lawn. Depending on your home or office building’s structure, we sometimes apply the product directly to the structure, up to three feet above the soil line, where most pests are found.

Pests are a threat to every structure, and the professional technicians at BugMaster are trained to identify the threat and risk areas. Visit BugMaster.com or call us at 251.666.4402 if you need to speak to one of our local pest pros or schedule an appointment.

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