Arachnophobia, Bug Invasions, Spitting Insects, And Rabid Bats

Arachnophobia, Bug Invasions, Spitting Insects, And Rabid Bats 27 October 2014, 10:01 pm

October 31- Halloween, is the time of year to tell and hear horror stories and play on each other’s fears. Fake bugs, spiders and bats have been used for decades to frighten our friends and neighbors during this week of frights. But in real life there are some crazy, wild, and scary stories that canContinue Reading »

BugMaster Do It Yourself Store – New Winter Hours

BugMaster DIY (Daphne and Mobile, Al) will be changing it’s retail store hours to Monday – Friday ~ 8am-5pm. This change starts November 1st and will continue to late January. We will still have all the pro pest control products and instruction – just shorter hours in the cold winter months. If you can’t catchContinue Reading »

5 Everyday Kitchen Items That Can Stop Your Household Bugs. 20 October 2014, 7:03 pm

As the weather gets cooler the bugs will start moving inside…inside your house. While BugMaster performs residential professional integrated pest management (IPM), we love to share real DIY and natural options that might solve your small household bug problems. Believe it or not, there are 4 to 5 organic, natural and inexpensive things in yourContinue Reading »

Exterminate Mean – Bullies & Lady Dogs Premieres Tonight 14 October 2014, 5:10 pm

“Bullies and Lady-dogs” An original one-act play by Tom Perez addressing the issue and truths of “child bullying” Performed by middle-school students Downtown Mobile Public Library 7:00 pm – Tuesday Oct.14, 2014 Sponsored by the Mobile Coalition Against Bullying FREE ADMISSION Check out these courageous and stellar students perform these real and truthful situations ofContinue Reading »

100th BugMaster Blog and the TOP 5 (so far) 8 October 2014, 4:40 pm

We love to write and talk about what we do. Yesterday we noticed that this is our 100th BLOG! Thanks so much for the views and clicks – here’s to another 100. We promise to keep researching, writing and talking with you fine folks as long as you are listening. Thanks again and find us,Continue Reading »