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4 Things You Might Not Know That BugMaster Can Do

Posted September 24, 2014

BUG_header_services_blog_useWhen BugMaster started in 1975, we definitely were a pest and termite control company only. However, over the decades we have grown as a company and in capability and expertise. Listed below are 4 areas BugMaster has added to our family of services. We feel that these services complement our core integrated pest control management and termite business.

1. Nuisance Wildlife & Animal Control
BUG_wildlife_services_blogOur expert nuisance wildlife/animal control technicians will first remove the wildlife from your home or business and then implement a prevention strategy to eliminate any future nesting or trespassing. These prevention strategies include the screening or closing all possible points of entry as well as modifying the conditions that attracted the wildlife initially.

The Most Common Nuisance Wildlife In The Mobile & Baldwin County Area:
•    squirrels
•    raccoons
•    opossums
•    skunks
•    rats
•    mice
•    birds
•    snakes

Click to learn more about Bugmaster’s Wildlife Control Program.

2. TAP Thermal Acoustic and Pest Control Installation
BUG_tap_services_blogYes, BugMaster is in the home improvement and energy efficiency business as well as traditional pest control. BugMaster is an authorized dealer and installer of TAP Insulation. TAP Insulation is the only pest-eliminating product labeled by the Environmental Protection Agency that bears the Energy Star label that also lowers energy costs. TAP home pest control insulation is a revolutionary green insulation for new and existing homes & buildings made from recycled paper that incorporates a borate-based pest control into the product. Not only does TAP home pest control insulation outperform traditional insulation in nearly every category, it also controls pests such as ants, termites, and cockroaches at the same time!

TAP Home insulation is a combination of a pesticide with the best insulation in the industry. TAP is:

• Is Environmentally Friendly
• Fire Resistance – so aides with home/office fire safety
• Is Permanent
• Kills Bugs, Pests & Nuisance Wildlife
• Saves Energy & Money
• Absorbs Sound & Helps Create A Quieter, More Peaceful Home
• Contains All-Natural Ingredients

Click here to learn more about our TAP Insulation Installation.

3. LeafDefier Gutter Protection System
BUG_leafdefier_services_blogClogged house gutters and cleaning them are a thing if the past with the installation Safe Flow Wave from LeafDefier. Gutters free of clogs allows rain water to properly flow away from your home. BugMaster can install this product so that your home will be able to avoid foundation issues, rotting windows, rotting wood and fascia boards, mold, mildew, and of course helps with insect and bug control.

Click to learn more about our LeafDefier installation.

4. Moisture Barrier Installation
BUG_moisturebarrier_services_blogInstalling a residential moisture barrier and treatment for wood destroying fungus is something else we have added to our family of services. Usually installed under the crawl space of a home, this service helps with controlling the ground moisture and dampness. The barrier of polyethylene sheets will lower the average humidity levels under a structure and will aid in controlling the mustiness under your home as well as aid in pest control.

Check out this video to see our moisture barrier installation process.

While pest control and termite service is the core of our business, as you can see, we have added other home improvement services to make your home the castle you want it to be energy-efficient, safer, easy to maintain, and of course, pest, bug and wildlife free.

CLICK HERE to schedule a consultation or service call for a BugMaster Technician or call 251.666.4402. Service is only for Mobile and Baldwin County areas.

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