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Getting a Little Slap Happy? Build Up Your Mosquito Defenses

Posted May 27, 2014


Summer is finally here … and so are the mosquitoes. These little guys have a knack for turning enjoyable evenings into a miserably itchy situation. Experts suggest to avoid planning events in the evening. However, this is easier said than done when the heat of the day just won’t do. 

Rather than hiding indoors, try using some of our leading mosquito repellants. Easy to use, these deterrents should give you a break from the incessant biting.

Skeeter Defeater Unit with Remote Control– this innovative mosquito defense unit boasts an automated dusk/dawn sensor to kill mosquitoes automatically when they’re most active, covering up to 300 square feet. 

NoNatz & NoMosquitoz organic, chemical free spray- if you like outdoor activities but your skin can’t handle harsh chemical sprays, then these are perfect for you.

Insect Repelling Superband– An easy to wear band on your ankle or wrist, like the header shows,  to keep the bugs away. Made with natural mosquito and insect repellants with long lasting effects.  

For more information regarding pests indoors and out, contact BugMaster, your local pest experts. At BugMaster, we help keep your home protected. If you see mosquitoes, give us a call at the Mobile location, 251-666-4402 or the Daphne location, 251-626-6667.

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