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Keep Halloween Fun, Safe & Bug-Free for You and Your Little Critters

Posted October 30, 2013


Halloween is only a little more than a week away! How are your little critters dressing up? Super heroes, butterflies, bees, spiders or pumpkins? Whatever they decide on, BugMaster hopes your trick or treating adventure is fun and safe this year.

Here are some helpful tips to remember when you collect your sugary treats.

Keep your candy bug-free.
After you get your candy, make sure to store it somewhere safe. Ants, roaches, and other bugs are quick to find sweets. To keep your candy bug-free, make sure it is in a sealed ziploc bag or stored in a sealed container. This way bugs won’t be tempted to taste your little monster’s treats.

Inspect candy for safety.
Be sure to check and inspect the candy before letting any of your little ones have a taste. Just because you are taking precautions to keep the candy safe for your loved ones, doesn’t always mean the person they got it from did the same. Plus, It never hurts to take extra precautions and check for unwanted creepy crawlies and other pests.

Make sure costumes are colorful and can be seen by motorists.
Some halloween costumes by nature are dark and hard to see at night. Make sure that your and your children’s costumes are bright enough to be seen by drivers. Look for reflective clothing or reflectors and flashlights to be easily spotted by passing motorists. One last tip: make sure that your kid’s can easily see out of their masks and anything covering their faces. Being able to see well is very important to watching for traffic and avoiding any obstacles during the evening.

Have a safe, bug-free and happily spooky Halloween from everyone at BugMaster!

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