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Bed Bugs at College: Outsmart the Pests

Posted August 13, 2013


When your child moves into a dorm for his freshman (or any) year, it is really exciting- new school, new friends, living away from parents- all those good life experiences. But amongst all the excitement can be anywhere from a few to a million nerves about living in a new place.

Don’t let the risk of bedbugs contribute to back-to-school worries. Bedbugs are so annoying because they are itchy and travel from bed to bed really quickly. And with kids using their beds as couch-substitutes, that sleeping surface gets a lot of exposure to the outside world.

Fortunately for you and your children, BugMaster has you covered in bed bug protection. BugMaster has a handy spray called Bedlam Bed Bug Spray, which can be used to kill bed bugs, and is available in our BugMasterDIY online store. Also, if you call BugMaster beforehand, we can order you a bed bug mattress protector so using the mattress provided in the dorms doesn’t have to be as scary as the first day of class. A perfect atmosphere for mid-day naps to prepare for late-night parties… oh, erh, we mean being well rested for classes.

Call either locations, in Daphne, 251-626-6667, or in Mobile, 251-666-4402

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