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Bugs on Your Phone: The Latest Bug Apps

Posted August 7, 2013


If you search “insects” on your smartphone, you will find a lot of useful and strange bug apps. Some apps help you to identify insects, and others supposedly keep mosquitoes away by simply turning on the app on your phone… we’re not so sure that app works, but we did find some that are particularly useful. Here’s a few apps we we found, and why we like them:

  1. Bugs and Insects Expanded Edition – This app  gives you over 5000 images of bugs and images. Search by categories and see photos. Only $.99 from the app store.
  2. Audubon Insects and Spiders – A Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders – While this app is $4.99, it will be more useful to someone trying to figure out what the insect they’re looking at is. You can search insects by shape or name, then can learn everything from where the insect lives to short discussion topics for you to ponder about the insect. Pretty thorough for $4.99.
  3. Insects World – This app entertains viewers with videos of insects doing everything from fighting each other, to close ups on butterflies’ wings in motion. This app is $1.99, and it offers a fresh perspective on how to learn about insects.
  4. iPest1 – Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a mobile field guide to urban pests with iPest1. It is designed to be a handy guide for anyone dealing with urban pests including homeowners, renters, pest management professionals, naturalists, IPM coordinators, building managers, teachers, and students. $1.99 from the app store. Buy all three versions for every category of bugs.

Have you found any other cool insect apps? Let us know on our Facebook page, and take a look at our website for even more online insect information.

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