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DIY vs. BugMaster DIY: Fire Ant Control

Posted July 17, 2013


The internet offers enough suggestions on how to kill a fire ant colony to make the task far more complicated than it really needs to be. There are a variety of ineffective extermination methods that really do more “ant-relocating” or “ant-deterring” than ant-removal. While there are many, really many, suggestions for how to get rid of anthills, we have a tried and true method that we use to control ants in our backyards.

At BugMaster, we recommend using Maxforce Fire Ant bait to effectively eliminate the colony of ants.  Maxforce Fire Ant bait works differently from other insecticides in its genre. The bait attracts ants, and has a long-lasting effect to give time to spread thoroughly throughout the colony. Other ant-control methods are more temporary or just discourage the ants from staying at that specific anthill site. Maxforce kills enough of the ants so that repopulating a colony is not usually feasible.

There are some pretty popular ant-killing techniques we’ve heard people try. We have heard of people pouring boiling water, bleach, grits, etc., over an ant mound, thinking they’ve solved the problem, and then discovering an ant mound 10 feet from the original location. Here’s why: When you pour the liquid/grits on the ant pile, all you are doing is killing many ants, but encouraging the rest of the colony to move elsewhere. You may have destroyed one ant colony’s location, but you’re going to have that same colony in a new area… kind of like moving to a new neighborhood, but for ants. We should also note that pouring boiling water over ant mounds has burned many people’s feet, so that’s another reason we don’t recommend this method.

Next time you need to do some ant-removal, give Maxforce Fire Ant bait a try. And if you’re still struggling, give us a call and we can see how to tackle your tricky ant situation. Come by one of our 2 BugMaster DIY Retail store‘s, in Daphne, 251-626-6667, or in Mobile, 251-666-4402.

If you need help conquering the ants in your yard give us a call for our Fire Ant Program that controls Fire Ants in your yard (up to 1/2 acre) and keeps them from coming back. We use a specialiazed insecticide that takes a single application to last a whole year. Our program is $295 and has a 1 year guarantee. For more information about our fire ant program, click here.

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