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Outsmarting Fire Ants: Walk Barefoot In Your Yard Again

Posted July 10, 2013


Take Back Your Backyard with BugMaster’s Fire Ant Program

Unfortunately, fire ants thrive on the Gulf Coast. Fire ant mounds can be obviously spotted as huge hills in clear view to the innocent walker, or as smaller piles of dirt that can be a little more inconspicuous. Regardless of their size, fire ants are not a pest that most people want in their yard, but killing the colony requires a little bit of knowledge.

Here are necessary tidbits to help you conquer the mound on your turf:

  • The queen can life for up to 7 years, and can fly a quarter of a mile by herself. But wind can transport the queen for several miles where she can then start another colony.
  • There are winged ants in each colony, called alates, who are the reproducers for the colonies. The females become queens of new colonies, and the males are the drones.
  • So since fire ants have a complex colony system, killing the colony means killing the queen. If you do not kill the queen, she keeps on laying brood (ant eggs) and the colony will continue to grow. So follow the directions on the insecticide package!
  • We also offer Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait for our DIY’ers. With fire ant mounds going up to 15 feet below the surface, this granular is transported by the worker ants with a delayed reaction, allowing the bait to be spread throughout the underground colony.

This lawn saving product can be found at BugMaster DIY Retail store in Daphne, 251-626-6667, or in Mobile, 251-666-4402. As always, the friendly staff will help you choose the right product to help keep your lawn staying healthy, green and, hopefully, ant mound-free throughout the summer’s hot months.

If you need help conquering the ants in your yard give us a call for our Fire Ant Program that controls fire ants in your yard (up to 1/2 acre) and keeps them from coming back. We use a specialized insecticide that takes a single application to last a whole year. Our program has a one year guarantee. For more information about our fire ant programclick here.


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