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Brown Widows: Don’t play well with others


So you’ve heard of black widow spiders of course. But did you know that there are brown widow spiders, too? Well, there are. And although significantly less poisonous, they’re still not very nice.

Until 2000, brown widows pretty much stuck to living in Florida’s peninsula. But when the spiders discovered the beauty of Mobile, they came crawling into states as far away as South Carolina, and now, even California. Pretty good travelers.

Brown widows do have an hourglass on their abdomens, just like their other spider counterpart, the more-poisonous black widow. But their hourglasses are a muted orange, and not as conspicuous as the bright red hourglasses on black widow spiders. Unless you are a spider aficionado, like we are here at BugMaster, it can be a little tricky to identify brown widows. The most notable distinction of brown widows is their black and brown striped long legs. If you see those, best to steer clear.

Here are some tips to deter brown widows from making your home their home:

  • reduce clutter at home and in your garage, so brown widows have less area to make a nest
  • keep items (like gardening gloves, baseball gloves, roller skates, gardening shoes, etc. ) in zip lock bags in your garage so spiders can’t make homes inside of them

Hope that didn’t make you too itchy! If you have any spider or other insect questions, give our knowledgeable staff a call.

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