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Banana Spiders: Insects for Peace


Some spiders get a bad reputation. Banana spiders, aka “silk spiders,” are some creepy crawlers that we humans should like to keep around.

Banana spiders love Alabama. You’ve probably seen the huge yellow spiders in their large webs in trees around Mobile. From a human’s perspective, these spiders are good because of all the annoying bugs they eat. Banana spiders are natural enemies of wasps, but also act as good catchers of mosquitoes and flies.

If banana spiders build a web at an inconvenient place, head-level for example, use a broom to swat away the web. The spider will get the hint a build elsewhere. But if the banana spider’s web is not getting caught in your hair every morning on your way to your car, you might want to let that little bug-killer be. Those banana spiders can help to keep unwanted bugs and wasps away from your home.

Even for those of you who are creeped out by spiders, these spiders go to show that some people and insects can live in peace.

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