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This Father’s Day Buy Your Dad A New Toy: The Bug-A-Salt Rifle


Happy Father’s Day to the bug-sadist in all you dads. BugMaster is spotlighting a great Father’s Day gift, the Bug-A-Salt Insect Eradication Rifle. We all know that dads are the ones summoned to sentence spiders, roaches, and other insects that make their way into “humans only” spaces. So why not make bug-killing creative?

The Bug-A-Salt rifle gets its name from, as you probably guessed, shooting salt fast enough to kill bugs up to three feet away. That comes in handy for spiders in corners of ceilings, and speedy flies on windows. With the Bug-A-Salt Rifle, dad will be happy to get off of the couch to kill the roach his daughter yells about in her bedroom. You see, killing bugs turns from an annoying duty as head of the household, into hunting season practice. While dad will probably not get the chance to stand three feet from a deer while hunting, bugs are a lot faster and smaller than edible animals. If dad can take care of that roach from three feet away, your family is sure to be eating venison all year.

Have a great Father’s Day, and check out the Bug-A-Salt and other BugMaster DIY products on our online BugMaster DIY store.

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