Brown Widows: Don’t play well with others

Brown Widows: Don’t play well with others 26 June 2013, 5:45 pm

So you’ve heard of black widow spiders of course. But did you know that there are brown widow spiders, too? Well, there are. And although significantly less poisonous, they’re still not very nice. Until 2000, brown widows pretty much stuck to living in Florida’s peninsula. But when the spiders discovered the beauty of Mobile, theyContinue Reading »

Banana Spiders: Insects for Peace 19 June 2013, 5:53 pm

Some spiders get a bad reputation. Banana spiders, aka “silk spiders,” are some creepy crawlers that we humans should like to keep around. Banana spiders love Alabama. You’ve probably seen the huge yellow spiders in their large webs in trees around Mobile. From a human’s perspective, these spiders are good because of all the annoyingContinue Reading »

BugMaster’s New DIY Product: NoNatz & NoMosquitoz 18 June 2013, 2:30 pm

BugMaster is now offering an organic, chemical free spray to keep you and your family protected against the summer bugs that irritate you. If you like to enjoy outside activities but your skin can not handle the harsh chemicals used in most bug sprays, then NoNatz is perfect for you. Nonatz and NoMosquitoz are organicContinue Reading »

This Father’s Day Buy Your Dad A New Toy: The Bug-A-Salt Rifle 12 June 2013, 2:42 pm

Happy Father’s Day to the bug-sadist in all you dads. BugMaster is spotlighting a great Father’s Day gift, the Bug-A-Salt Insect Eradication Rifle. We all know that dads are the ones summoned to sentence spiders, roaches, and other insects that make their way into “humans only” spaces. So why not make bug-killing creative? The Bug-A-SaltContinue Reading »

Keep Your Yard Pest Free and Beautiful This Summer 5 June 2013, 9:22 pm

BugMaster knows the hot summer months bring mosquitos and flies that aggravate us and our pets. But what about pest that aggravate our lawns? Lack of rain and summer heat dry up our lush green grass, but that is not the only culprit. Mole crickets are the number one turf killing pests in southern states andContinue Reading »