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BugMaster supports Serve It Up With Love

Posted May 7, 2013


BugMaster was happy to sponsor the Child Advocacy Center’s Serve It Up With Love Tennis Tournament. This years tournament, at Copeland Cox Tennis Center, had more than 300 men, women and juniors participate to raise money for the Child Advocacy Center’s yearly efforts to assist the community.

The Child Advocacy Center provides services to abused children in the Mobile area. The Child Advocacy Center serves over 3,000 children in Mobile County a year making it an essential aspect to the Mobile community. Last year alone, the CAC provided:

  • 741 Child sexual abuse forensic interviews
  • 87 Forensic medical exams
  • 289 Children counseled
  • 1,575 On-going counseling sessions
  • 346 Cases reviewed by CAC
  • 173 Cases referred for vertical prosecution

Each year the need for fundraising is just as important as the last to help the continuous efforts of the CAC. Thanks for all you do, Child Advocacy Center. We’re happy to support you!

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