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Termites: Keep Them Out of Your Home


Termites like a lot of things about Mobile. They like its warm weather, humid environment, and all of its trees. While we guess that we have some similarities with termite interests, we know that a friendly relationship is no longer be a possibility as soon as they start chowing down on our homes.

Which they do. And if you don’t take measures to prevent their feast on your home, you will probably end up getting these pests. Along with azaleas, palm trees, beaches, and hurricanes, termites are an unfortunate part of the Gulf Coast package. So here’s how to take some preventative measures to keep your home from being the new termite-hang-out-place in Mobile:

Keep soil from being in contact with the wood on your home by:

  • keeping the wood portion of your home at least 6 inches above the soil
  • keeping mulch lower than where the siding begins
  •  removing dead trees and stumps from near your home
  • storing firewood and lumber away from the house

Keep moisture away from the foundation of your home by:

  • sloping soil away from the foundation
  • diverting water away from the foundation with gutters and downspouts

Get a termite bond
We’re not just saying this because we’ve been told that we have the best termite treatment in the region (seriously, ask around), but because it really can help you keep your home safe. If your house does not have termite damage, a termite bond will promise to keep it that way. And if you do have termite damage, that bond is a guarantee to get rid of that damage. In this high-risk area, you are really putting your home at risk by not having a termite bond.

After taking all of those initial steps, ask yourself these questions every year:

  •  Is water directed away from my house?
  •  Is wood away from the foundation?
  •  Is the foundation exposed all around the home?
  •  Is the basement/ crawlspace relatively dry?

It goes without saying that termites in their most ideal environment (the Gulf Coast) can do a lot of damage. Fight the termites before they get to your home.

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