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Mild Winters Make Happy Termites

Posted April 17, 2013


BugMaster’s Austin Key went on WKRG to share his some of his termite knowledge last Monday.

Because of Mobile’s mild winter, all bugs like mosquitoes, fleas and termites are having a particularly busy spring. While there are precautions to take against each of these pests, Austin focused on termites in his interview with WKRG.

Here are some of Austin’s tips for your home:

  • Pay attention to the slab of your home. There are warning signs and you will be able to see if termites are crawling into cracks in your home.
  • Make sure that the slab of your home is exposed, so you can check it frequently for damage.

But how do you know if you already have termite damage? Here are some warning signs:

Hollow-sounding wood or cracked paint

Termites dig into wood to chew happily in the darkness. If parts of wood in your home sound hollow or feel squishy, that is a tell-tale sign of termites. Also, if the paint on the wood is cracked, it is because termites are disturbing the wood.

Swarms of flying insects or discarded wings

Reproductive termites, called swarmers, fly to make new colonies. If you see warming termites, or their wings, you should be aware that termites are most probably present.

Mud tubes on exterior wall

When termites crawl into those cracks in your home’s slab foundation (or other exterior surfaces) they build mud tubes to keep themselves surrounded in moisture while they eat away. Austin describes the tubes like this: “They would be a mud tube and they vary in width, and they will come from the ground up into a crack.” Mulch, wood chips, and firewood should are happy homes for termites. So do not keep them by your home to prevent the pests from munching on your house.           

While calling a professional extermination company, like BugMaster, is best for major termite problems. Smaller termite issues (such as termite colonies in your yard and from your home) can be diminished with the use of Termidor. Termidor is not a repellant, but instead will be used to kill the colonies of ants and termites within two months. And, the best part about Termidor is that it lasts 10 years.

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