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Product of the Week: Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way

Posted April 10, 2013

BUG_POW_SNAKEAWAY (1)It’s the time of the year that snakes wake up from hibernation. When the warm weather returns to Mobile, the snakes crack open their eyes and start to slither.

Which is fine until you don’t want them to slither into your yard. Snakes can provide great pest control until they become the pests. We live in an area with many poisonous snakes, so that means we all have to take special precaution to determine which snakes are poisonous.

Or you could just keep the snakes away. If you have snakes that you don’t want in your yard, we recommend using Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way. When used correctly, Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way can prevent you from being surprised by a slithering and potentially poisonous pest.

Get your Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way for $27.35 at our BugMaster’s Do It Yourself Pest  Retail Store or call 251.626.6667

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