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Moles: Tunneling Little Home Wreckers


Who knew such a tiny critter could do so much damage? Moles can wreak havoc on your yard and property which, unfortunately, can leave you with anything from a ruined lawn to thousands of dollars in property damage. But not to worry, CritterMaster has some tips for you.

How do you know if you have such a digging menace living in your yard? Here are some signs:

  • You see volcano-like mounds of dirt
  • You see “surface tunneling” which basically looks like veins made of dirt

Despite being rather unsightly, these signs of mole damage are a warning sign you should really take heed to. If you see surface tunneling, then you know the mole is walking around under your backyard doing an annoying amount of damage. These annoying tunnels mean that the mole is displacing dirt; so the ground can become significantly less compact and sturdy if the mole gets his way trying to dig to China.

When moles become more than really annoying lawn-ruiners is when you can’t see the damage. If you see a mound of dirt in your backyard, consider where that dirt is coming from. That tiny mole has been hard at work excavating, and his excavation can mean serious damage for your various foundations. People have had pools, house foundations, and porches collapse because moles made such big tunnels that the ground could no longer support what resided above it.

BugMaster ecommends using Talprid Mole Bait to get rid of that burrowing critter. To use Talprid, you hold back your tunnel-stomping children, and keep the tunnels open for the mole to roam around. Then you insert some Talprid worms into the tunnels so the mole thinks that’s real food, eats the bait, and then is no longer a problem for your property. Then you rejoice in knowing that your house foundation won’t fall in and your children can start playing soccer on Saturday mornings instead of squashing mole tunnels.

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