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Product of the Week: The SilenTrap



Trap pests without the annoying zap- and crispy cleanup!

Mosquitoes, gnats, and just about every flying bug are annoying. But what is also annoying is cleaning up the flying nuisance your fly-zapper has just zapped. Be annoyed no more, you fly-haters, the The SilenTrap™ by Catchmaster® is coming to BugMasterDIY.com.

The SilenTrap™ by Catchmaster® is a uniquely designed flying insect trap that can be used both indoors and outdoors to silently and efficiently trap flies, mosquitoes and most common flying insects on an adhesive surface – without that annoying “zap” noise that reminds you that you are still being annoyed by the pests. The SilenTrap has a fluorescent light to attract flying pests to the sticky paper behind the light. So once the flying pest flies onto the sticky paper, it’s there for good; and you don’t have to think about that sucker until you change the sticky paper when it gets dull.

Power to the SilenTrap! Watch the video to learn more about the SilenTrap, and order yours today at BugMasterDIY.com.

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