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Product of the Week: Bifen LP

Posted February 21, 2013


Fire ants beware! BugMaster’s Product of the Week, Bifen LP, can take out even the mightiest fire ant mound and do so much more.

Target pests: Most common pests– ticks, mole crickets, flea larvae, Weevils, army worms  most notably the Mobile favorite- fire ants, and more
Size: Comes in a 25 lb. bag which can cover an average-sized yard
How it works: Bifen LP lasts anywhere between 2-4 months. Its granules penetrate mulch and grass without water, which makes it an easy long-term fix for you.

Bifen LP can be applied as a perimeter barrier for a five to ten-foot band around your home or business. Or, Bifen LP can be spread over your entire yard, including landscaped areas. A normal application usually consists of three to five pounds of product. One 25lb bag of Bifen covers 5,000-10,000 square feet.

Bifen LP can help you make sure that your family can enjoy your backyard without stepping in hidden fire ant mounds. When used correctly, Bifen LP can significantly reduce the number of annoying and dangerous pests in your yard.

Get your Bifen LP for $27.95 at our BugMaster’s Do It Yourself Pest  Retail Store or call 251.626.6667

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