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Tornado Damage Can Bring Unwanted Critters


BugMaster hopes everyone is safe after the recent tornadoes that hit the midtown area of Mobile on Christmas Day. We understand it can be a shock and we hope each and every person has the help they need.

Severe weather damage to your home (especially your roof), which might take weeks to fix, gives unwanted pest and critters access to your attic. Raccoons, squirrels and rats are seeking shelter because of destruction to their homes as well. Make sure you don’t add more problems to your existing home storm damage with wildlife and critters making a new home in your attic and insulation.

If you think you need help, we specialize in wildlife control and will come out to help you with your unwanted critter problems..  Our expert technicians will come out, inspect your roof for all entry points, set traps, leave bait and do whatever is necessary to prevent and remove these pest from your homes.

For any animal control, removal and prevention services for homeowners and businesses, call our CritterMaster services at 251-666-4402, or at our Daphne DIY location: 251-666-6416.

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