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Safety First: BugMaster and CDC Urge Users to Read All Instruction Labels on Pesticides


“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a health advisory this week about the health issues that consumers face when they misuse pesticides in their homes,” reports Stern Environmental Group in their November 30th article,  CDC Warns of Misusing Pesticides for Bed Bug Treatment

Austin Key, Vice-President of BugMasters, Inc., says, “With any pesticide, if you overdo or do not follow the proper precautions you risk exposure.” BugMaster has a DIY store that offers easy to use products for clients wanting to handle their pest problems on their own. This is great advice because BugMaster DIY retail store sells the same chemicals the pros use and with all very strong chemicals they need to be handled and stored very carefully. “Far too often people use the premise, ‘If a little is good then a lot will work even better’. With pesticides, that is never the case,” says Key.

BugMaster is available to answer any questions about pest control, pesticides and DIY methods. Call BugMaster’s Mobile HQ, 251-66-4402, or BugMaster DIY, 251-626-6667.

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