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Polar Vortex is Back. Bring In Your Plants, Not The Bugs.

Posted October 31, 2012

Winter weather is upon us in the port city of Mobile, Alabama. Something we are not always thrilled about, but when the temperature drops it is time to bring in our plants from the freezing cold so they will be kept alive and stay beautiful the rest of the year.

According to buckeyegardening.com, there are lots of ways to care for your plants. However,  one thing they, and BugMaster, caution about is, do not bring in unwanted bugs and pests. “Prior to bringing those potted plants inside, look out for infestations of the same types of insects that bother many garden plants: mealy bugs, aphids, spider mites, white fly, etc. Spray for insects while the plants are still outdoors,” says buckeye gardening.com.

BugMaster has what you need to protect your home (and plants) from these unwanted invaders, Permethrin 10. According to drugs.com, Permethrin 10 controls flies, misquotes, lice, ticks & others. BugMaster recommends spraying your plants a few times before bringing them inside. This way your plants are safe from the cold and your house is free of bugs.

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