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5 Big Reasons You Should Have Your Attic Checked for Rodents

Posted October 17, 2012

“… the fact is, if you have rodents in the attic, you have more than a small population of furry roommates – you have a problem.” Says Jean Asta, who published Is it dangerous to have an attic with rodents on eHow.com. “Mice can bring with them a number of dangerous possibilities that you should be aware of.”

The 5 most dangerous ways rodents are harmful to your home and especially your attic are:
1. leaking roof and ceiling because of holes
2. ruining of your insulation
3. chewing of wiring which can lead to fires
4. gnawing on beams causing them to break down and possibly collapse
5. causing and spreading disease through contamination.

BugMaster suggests having one of our wildlife experts come out and check your home for areas that mice, rats and other rodents can easily make it through to the attic.  According to Austin Key, Vice President at BugMaster, “All of our pest techs are licensed CPCO’s by the state and are trained to handle the problem. Exclusion work can also be done to seal out entry points.”

Read more of Asta’s article to catch early signs of rodent infestation.

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