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Fire Ants: They Could Be Arsonist

An article on Lanscape and Garden Today Red Imported Fire Ants- Your Lanscape’s hidden Electrical Personality, quoted “being attacked by the red imported fire ant is one of the first concerns we think of when it comes to dangers in the home landscape. As if the health concerns weren’t bad enough, damage to electrical equipment in the landscape and around the home is a major problem caused by hidden fire ants. They are attracted to electrical equipment of all kinds.”

Although you wouldn’t think ants would be a danger to your electrical boxes and fixtures around the office, they can be. They can eat through your wires and cause electrical short circuits and power outages, sometimes even fires.

Why Are Ants Attracted to Electricity?

In the article, Ants and Their Affinity for Electrical Utilities, on extension.org, Dr. S. Bradleigh Vinson’s description of Dr. MacKay’s work funded by the Texas Department of Transportation (pers. com.), says, “when switches were open, foraging fire ants tended to stop in the presence of the electric field. Once an ant is shocked by touching body parts between an open switching mechanism individually or among a group of ants touching each other, the ants displayed shocked reactions and often waved their abdomen (gaster) in the air (calledgaster flagging) to release pheromones (volatile chemical communication chemicals) that, in turn, attract other worker ants”

Make sure you have checked all your companies electrical equipment to prevent against malfunction, shortage or even fires. BugMaster experts will come out to your business and look for these troublesome pest and help you come up with ways to try and get rid of them.

While Alabama Power has no info on this, Georgia Power won’t cover the damage caused by damage done by ants.

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