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The Pied Piper of Pest Products: T1 Rat Bait

Rats are currently one of our top problems BugMaster is called on for. Now before you go and hire the Pied Piper, we have an easy DIY solution for your furry pest woes. Our T1 Disposable Rat Bait is great for getting rid of your rodent problems.

According to the Bell Laboratories website, T1 Rat Bait is a disposable, pre-baited station that can be left at a residential account and thrown away after the bait, a 4-oz. bromethalin block, has been consumed. This means you can set it out, let the rat take the bait and throw away the empty container when it is done. The rat does not stay in the container. Also, for those of you with little ones and pets, it is child and pet resistant.

Usually, BugMaster buys rat bait by the surplus, which is costly for homeowners. We have it available for consumers to pick up in single uses at our DIY store.

Get your T1 Disposable Rat Bait for $8.95 each.

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