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Meet Katy Johnson: Rebel With A Cause

Posted October 2, 2012

Katy Johnson – BugMaster’s  Newest Team Member

Katy recently dyed her hair pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. People all around the community dye their hair in an effort to raise awareness of breast cancer and how it is effecting the women around us.

Katy’s responsibilities for BugMaster includes:

  • Answering the phones: One of the first voices you hear at BugMaster
  • Making sure everything in the office runs smoothly

Favorite movie – Dazed and Confused
Best vacation ever – Week at the Beach
Food I can’t live without – Mangos and Cheese
Favorite TV show – Awkward
Celebrity I’d most want to meet – John F. Kennedy
Favorite artist – Matisyahu
Best part of your job – Working with my Coworkers
Last book read – Harry Potter

Interesting Facts: 

  • Has 1 dog, Oscar Wilde the pug
  • Enjoys hanging out with friends

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