Polar Vortex is Back. Bring In Your Plants, Not The Bugs.

Polar Vortex is Back. Bring In Your Plants, Not The Bugs. 31 October 2012, 7:33 pm

Winter weather is upon us in the port city of Mobile, Alabama. Something we are not always thrilled about, but when the temperature drops it is time to bring in our plants from the freezing cold so they will be kept alive and stay beautiful the rest of the year. According to buckeyegardening.com, there areContinue Reading »

5 Big Reasons You Should Have Your Attic Checked for Rodents 17 October 2012, 3:28 pm

“… the fact is, if you have rodents in the attic, you have more than a small population of furry roommates – you have a problem.” Says Jean Asta, who published Is it dangerous to have an attic with rodents on eHow.com. “Mice can bring with them a number of dangerous possibilities that you shouldContinue Reading »


This Halloween the BUGS will be terrorized by you. Enter our sweepstakes to win our DIY PEST CONTROL SURVIVAL KIT ($100 value) Click here to Enter Rules • Contestant will need to be a BugMaster Facebook Fan. • Must supply a viable and working email address. • Winner will be contacted by email. • WinnerContinue Reading »

Fire Ants: They Could Be Arsonist 10 October 2012, 8:43 pm

An article on Lanscape and Garden Today,  Red Imported Fire Ants- Your Lanscape’s hidden Electrical Personality, quoted “being attacked by the red imported fire ant is one of the first concerns we think of when it comes to dangers in the home landscape. As if the health concerns weren’t bad enough, damage to electrical equipment inContinue Reading »

The Pied Piper of Pest Products: T1 Rat Bait 3 October 2012, 2:38 pm

Rats are currently one of our top problems BugMaster is called on for. Now before you go and hire the Pied Piper, we have an easy DIY solution for your furry pest woes. Our T1 Disposable Rat Bait is great for getting rid of your rodent problems. According to the Bell Laboratories website, T1 Rat Bait isContinue Reading »

Meet Katy Johnson: Rebel With A Cause 2 October 2012, 5:50 pm

Katy Johnson – BugMaster’s  Newest Team Member Katy recently dyed her hair pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. People all around the community dye their hair in an effort to raise awareness of breast cancer and how it is effecting the women around us. Katy’s responsibilities for BugMaster includes: Answering the phones: One of the firstContinue Reading »