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Will PAM Cooking Spray Keep Love Bugs Off The Front Of My Car?

PAM, a combination of corn oil, grain alcohol, soybean lecithin and a propellant, is made by Boyle-Midway Inc. of New York. Use of the cholesterol-free pan spray on cars to help with love bugs is a common inquiry.

While Pam might help keep love bugs off your car, it can be more damaging for your cars paint job than the bugs. According to some car detailers “Getting the bugs off the car isn’t one-hundredth the problem as getting PAM off”. (via Orlando Sentinal)

While PAM might cause more harm than help – we did some research to find some helpful love bug advice.

A recent article, Love Bug Season Back on the Treasure Coast, by Elliot Jones, talks of these amorously annoying pests, how to keep them off the front of your car and how to safely and easily clean your car after a long drive.

Jones offers these helpful tips:

  • Drive at night or in the early morning to avoid the bugs. They are most active after mid-morning in bright sunlight when temperatures rise to around 80 degrees.
  • Use a high-pressure washer, such as a hose with adjustable nozzle, to blow bug remains off a vehicle.
  • Avoid turning on windshield wipers. This will just create a slurry of bug parts.
  • When going through a bug-infested area, take along a gallon of water and window squeegee to remove them.
  • Wash them off as quickly as possible. Within days, their remains can pit or mar car paint.
  • A coat of fresh wax or baby oil helps keep them from sticking to the front hood, grill or bumper.
  • Some effective commercial cleaning products are SuperClean, Simple Green and Spray ’n Wash.
  • Stores sell deflector shields and protective screens for mounting on front of vehicles.

Also, a traveling blogger, Solo Travel Girl, had these tips to share:

  • Spread a light film of baby oil over the front of the hood, above the windshield and on the grill and bumper. This practice will make their removal a simpler task.
  • Gatorback Automotive Protection System utilizes the latest in nano-technology to provide your vehicle’s finish with an amazing maintenance-free protective layer. Water is repelled from the surface even better than a freshly waxed finish and dirt is washed off easily by a simple rinse or a rainstorm. Your paint is protected from the ravages of insects, chemicals and dirt. Simply wash your vehicle with a hose and watch the dirt and bugs roll away. More stubborn dirt and insect remains can be easily removed with a soft cloth and water.
  • Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Just some warm water and rub and they come off real easy.
  • Dryer sheets to remove squished love bugs from his car. (http://www.solotravelgirl.com/bounce-dryer-sheets-this-road-trippers-best-friend-during-lovebug-season/)
  • A little degreaser on the windshield and bumper, let that set for a minute or two and the love bugs should wipe clean!
  • Baking Soda and water. It will take the bugs off.
  • Rain-X on the windows makes for much cleaner glass, even when you don’t have a chance to wash, they leave much less mess. Add 1/2 cup lamp oil to our bucket of wash water it removes them with ease and doesn’t streak windshield.Gives car a beautiful shine!!
  • High pressure washer works most of the time. You can also get bug and tar remover for the car, that works too.

BugMaster knows love bugs can be aggravating so find what works best for you and keep your car looking great this season. Let us know what works for you.

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