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Make Sure Your College Kids Don’t Bring Home More Than Their Dirty Laundry.

BUGMASTER_campus_bedbugAccording to a recent survey, 35% of pest control professionals indicated that they have encountered infestations in college dorm rooms. Make sure bedbugs don’t transfer from your kid’s college to your bed bug-free home. In the next care package send your kids a can or two of Bedbug Travel Spray. BugMaster suggests using Bedlam Bed Bug Spray. The travel spray kills bugs for up to 2 weeks, kills eggs before they hatch and doesn’t stain fabrics or surfaces. Encourage your student to spray Bedlam’s in a garbage bag with their dirty clothes before bringing them home. Don’t forget the shoes. Before your college kids leave for the holiday get them to spray all dorm surfaces and floors. This will help control bed bugs that are present and keep the dorm bed bug free for the rest of this semester.

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Effective Bed Bug Application
For best results, in addition to treatment with Bedlam Insecticide, pest control professionals should include additional tactics such as those listed below.

•    Conduct a thorough inspection to locate the infestation
•    Be certain to look in any harborages that offer the bed bug isolation and
•    darkness, such as:
•    Behind wall hangings, pictures and mirrors
•    Behind electrical switch plates
•    In electronics such as radios and alarm clocks
•    Under rugs and floor coverings
•    In all nooks and crannies of nightstands
•    All parts of beds – headboards, footboards, mattress, box springs, frame
•    Remove and wash all bedding. Allow surfaces to dry thoroughly before using
•    or replacing bedding.
•    Reduce and remove clutter from the room
•    Dispose of infested items that can be discarded
•    Encase or bag articles that may be infested, but will not be laundered or discarded
•    Remove bedding, clothing and other items that may be laundered or dry cleaned
•    Wash and dry on “high heat” dryer setting to achieve a temperature of 185°F

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