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Wearable Defense Against West Nile Season

Posted August 8, 2012

SUPERBANDS are here! Wearable Mosquito Repellent.

Simply slip the Superband on your wrist or ankle today to start repelling those pesky insects!

Our natural mosquito & insect repellent products are the best in repelling the most unwanted insects and bugs. For a long lasting effect and to successfully repel the annoying bugs you need to try one of our products now! Superbands are $1.99 plus tax. 

See more about early start of the West Nile Season.

What is the SuperBand®?
The Superband  is an non-toxic insect repellent made by injecting a specifically crafted blend of natural oils know for their insect repelling properties into a molded plastic wristband during a unique manufacturing process. The Insect Repelling Superband is a waterproof, curly & expandable wristband. Superband has been praised as one of the best natural mosquito repellents available on the market today!

Against which insects is the Superband used?
The Superband is effective against indoor/outdoor insects and pests. Some of the insects against which this product can be used are as follows:
·         Mosquitoes
·         No See Ums
·         Gnats
·         Biting Flies
·         More other pesky biting insects

Where can the Superband be used?
The Insect Repelling Superband is an easy to use wristband.  There is no need to apply messy lotions or sprays; you simply slip it on your wrist or ankle and continue your day!  It can be used while playing golf, soccer, tennis, fishing, hiking or while doing any other indoor or outdoor games or activities.

Why is the Superband one of the best insect repellents?
The Superband repels insects and can be easily applied at any place and at any time. The Superband is DEET-free and is made from non-toxic oils. The advanced waterproof system allows you to enjoy all of your normal activities, without worrying about diluting the potency of the Superband. Each band lasts up to 200 hours and is safe for all ages with adult supervision.

Superbands are $1.99 plus tax.

In Daphne, come by Bugmaster DIY (Daphne, Al) 251.626.6667, or in Mobile, come by BugMaster HQ 619 Azalea Rd. 666-4402, to get the insect repelling Superband now and start saving!

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