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Billy the Exterminator: Reality TV or Real World Pest Control?

Billy is a certified entomologist (a bonafide zoologist who focuses on insects) and he teaches his viewers about the pests he captures, exterminates or relocates to their natural habitat. Don’t let his brash and rough persona fool you – he knows what he is doing – but he also creates some perception problems with REAL WORLD pest control.

Billy the Exterminator can be seen as entertaining, informative and educational. Some or much of that information is lost by the image of Billy. He can be viewed as “rough and brash” with his dark clothing and studded attire, his rock star appearance distracts viewers from the education he is trying to inject. With that said, sometimes the outward shock value is what grabs and holds the viewers attention. While these theatrics are needed when it comes to keep an audience, some might question – his lack of techniques, professionalism and limited use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and standards set in place to protect the pest control technician. While Billy’s education is valuable and the sharing of his expertise can be entertaining – it may give the viewer a false depiction of the real amount of professionalism, work and time it takes to perform our job properly. BugMaster wants our clients and Billy’s viewers to know – that more times than not – pest technicians need more than 1 tv episode to get pest control issues solved and under control.

Billy the Exterminator is a great show and very entertaining. BugMaster loves it and it has blazed a trail for other pest control companies to join the ranks of reality TV – but there is still a lot of REAL WORLD pest control that might get lost in REALITY TV. Keep watching and if you have any questions about Billy’s techniques or work, please ask us. We love talking TV, exterminating, and pest control.

What do you think about BILLY THE EXTERMINATOR?

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