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BugMaster Most Wanted List: American Cockroaches

The BugMaster Beat is a series of blogs we will write for bug and wildlife problems we are currently seeing most frequently. Hopefully this will help you recognize these pest problems and offer some professional or DIY solutions.
The rise of phone calls for American Roaches (the big ones) is due to the fact that we have had an abundant amount of rain. Also, they tend to come in the home during extreme heat and no rain. These roaches tend to nest outside in dark damp areas, like flower beds and under foliage – as well as – oak trees and rotten wood are a common place to find them. Clean and remove all of these nesting areas from around your home. Next, we suggest you or we can (for a fee) make sure all entry points (i.e. doorways, windows and plumbing areas) are sealed properly. Lastly, we will apply a perimeter treatment and granulate the flowerbeds. If you are a hands on type of person we have products at the BugMater DIY store we can suggest for you. For the perimeter treatment use Demon WSP and either Bifen L/P or Talstar granules. This will be effective because these roaches are coming from the outside. If inside treatment is needed you can apply Maxforce FC bait.

Note: regular pest control treatments helps to maintain low roach populations in and around your home.

If your american cockroach problem gets out of hand please call 251-666-4402 or visit bugmaster.com to schedule an appointment.
For do it yourself pest control: visit our Daphne DIY Store at 2520 Highway 98 ~ Daphne, Alabama 36526 or call 251.626.6667
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