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Posted May 29, 2012

In the trees and grasses of the South, there are a growing number of unwanted visitors that at best are an itchy nuisance and at worst can carry debilitating diseases: Ticks.

Public health officials say that numbers of reported cases of diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are not yet alarming and have not yet shown a definitive trend upward from a national perspective. But they do worry that more ticks means more of a risk that those diseases will spike. (via charlotte.cbslocal.com)

Click here to read more on these ticks and their dangers.

Advice To Control Ticks

  1. Pay attention to timing and location. The risk of picking up a tick is worst in the morning and late afternoon; they don’t like to ‘hunt’ in the heat of the day.
  2. Rake up, shred your fall leaves from your surrounding yard.
  3. Keep brush and grassy areas near your landscape mowed.
  4. Keep bird feeders away from the house. Birds can carry ticks; and spilled seed attracts lots of potentially tick-carrying vermin.
  5. Consider wearing dedicated shirts, pants and socks sprayed with tick repellant when you’re in the garden and woods.
  6. Have your pets on some type of flea and tick program.
  7. And of course have your pest control company come to your home more this summer to keep an eye on infestation.

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