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Posted May 23, 2012

Click the link to see WKRG‘s report on the local flea problem and the shortage of Flea Preventative Products. BugMaster will keep you informed about the flea infestations in the area and show you some solutions to control the problem.

This season will be extremely bad for fleas due to the mild winter.  We are already receiving twice as many calls as compared to last year and it is still early in the season. Things you can do to ease this growing flea problem:

  1. Keep the dog regularly bathed with a good quality shampoo like something like Zodiac Oatmeal Shampoo it doesn’t dry out the skin from being frequently washed.
  2. Keep your dog on some type of flea program for you can use Petcor to spray on the dog to kill the fleas.
  3. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Everything, from carpets, floors, rugs and drapes, to upholstered furniture, mattresses and cushions, should be vacuumed. Dispose of the vacuum-cleaner bag after each use.
  4. Cut the lawn and remove debris and clutter prior to using any flea treatment in the yard. Resort to insecticide remedies, by applying insecticide like Precor 2000 to parts of the structure and outdoor areas, paying close attention to areas frequented by pets.

All the products mentioned will be available at our BugMaster Do It Yourself Store opening in Daphne, Ala. opening next Wednesday May 28. If your located in Mobile please support local merchants to purchase these products.

If you need professional service for your flea or any other bug problem please contact (251) 666-4402 or visit bugmaster.com to talk to one of our local bug experts.

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