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The War Against Bedbugs

In the war against bedbugs it seems that new and improved tool are be in added everyday.  An“innovator” Chris Goggin a mechanical engineer from Wilmington, North Carolina has  just added another one. The Bed Bug Detector is an electronic air detecting device that operates on the same basis as the bedbug dogs do with a slight advantage, in my opinion you will not have the daily up keep as you would with a dog.  We at BugMaster try to stay up to date on the latest technology in our industry.  I believe this will be another tool for our company to use in the battle against Bedbugs .  You can read more on this device found on this link to Popular Science http://www.popsci.com/diy/article/2011-05/2011-invention-awards-sniffing-out-bedbugs?cmpid=tw