Holiday Season is here. Leave out unwanted guest.

Holiday Season is here. Leave out unwanted guest. 22 November 2010, 3:06 pm

With the Holiday season upon us and friends and family coming to visit makes sure you follow these helpful tips from the National Pest Management Association make sure your Holiday season is a joyful one. If you discover you have a problem give BugMaster a call or your local professional.

Floor warping and other moisture problems. 17 November 2010, 4:35 pm

Moisture Barrier and Wood Destroying Fungus Treatment Are you having floor problems? Is your floor warping? Musty smells in your closets? You or a professional might want to check your crawl space under your home for moisture problems and wood destroying fungus. This is a video is about moisture barrier being installed to prevent moistureContinue Reading »

Bedbugs in Mobile,Alabama

Fox10 recently ran a piece on bedbugs in the Mobile area. According to most sources it hasn’t been a problem as of now. But they are coming. Bedbugs can cause health problems and are extremely difficult to contain once infestation has started. At BugMaster we are studing and discovering the best way to handle them.Continue Reading »

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